Gay Pride v1

The Pride flag that started it all in a very public manner, remembered and returned to the community that lost it so long ago. It was not referred to as the "Gay Pride Flag" originally and was never meant to be just about gay pride alone. 

The Pride flag might actually be the second pride flag ever designed since the Spag's Bear flag might have been made earlier. However, that flag was never made public that STR can find.

The original pride flag was given to the alternative community in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, on the insistence of activist Harvey Milk and others. Unveiled at the Gay Freedom Day Parade celebration on June 25th, this version of the flag only a matter of months, as the hot pink fabric proved impossible to get as fast as they needed to produce flags. 

The colors mean - 

  • Hot Pink - Sex
  • Red - Life
  • Orange - Healing
  • Yellow - Sunlight
  • Green - Nature
  • Turquoise - Magic, later also interpreted as Art
  • Indigo - Serenity
  • Violet - Spirit