Bear Pride 1

Rumored to be the Bear Pride flag was flown in Spags Tavern, a Seattle bear bar, that was officially open between 1969 and 1987 in its original location, and was open in a second location until 2000.

No actual images of the flag have been found so far, so it has been recreated here from descriptions given by those that went to Spags and from the internet. It is reported by some that Spags was in existence as early as the 1950s and moved to several different locations around Seattle before becoming legitimate. 

The designer of the flag and the date of its first appearance are currently unknown. The dates of the original location, where the flag is supposed to have been displayed, make this either the very first pride flag of any kind, or the second after the Pride flag. It is decidedly the first bear pride flag by a large measure, however.

There is no known official description of the reason for the colors of this flag, but the following is what is believed to be the truth:

  • Blue Field: The Sky
  • Stripes: White, Black, Brown - representing the variety of bears
  • Green Field: The Earth
  • Yellow Paw: The Sun, the spirit of all bears, and bear brotherhood